Certification Course for Trainers

We are now offering certification course in the USA at our Los Angeles Gym.  You will be apart of one of the biggest Muay Thai associations in the World.  All certification are backed up by the Minister of Education of Thailand . Muay Thai.

Things that we cover

We will teach you how to conduct  private lessons to generate more income.  Master Toddy has over 300 instructors world wide teaching our system.

Easy to teach step-by-step system

​Accredited by the Thailand Government: Ministry of Education

Best weekly curriculum

  • Effectively answer phonecalls and enrollment etiquette
  • How to enroll and put your members in the right direction
  • Setup gym equipment effectively so members can enjoy
  • Anyone, Any Age, Any Need
  • Muay Thai Art and Fitness
  • Kids classes
  • Womens classes
  • Mixed classes
  • Fighter classes

​How to keep your gym busy all day

  • Keep positive attitude and energy for good atmosphere
  • Grading system, how to certify your students

Teaching Tools of Success:

  • 2 focus mitts
  • 2 Thai pads
  • 1 focus mitt/1 sparring glove
  • 1 focus mitt/1 Thai pad
  • Cobra shield
  • Double Thai pad
  • 2 cobra mitt punch special (student reaction training)

How to:

  • Setup class
  • Setup private lessons
  • Setup competitions
  • Member awards
  • Sparring control system
  • Sparring night
  • Learn the best day for equipment usage
  • Learn the greatest routine for bag work
  • Motivate students to keep coming back for more


You will receive after the course:

  • Mongkol and Prajieds
  • Certificate accredited by Thai Ministry of Education and MTIA
  • DVD Grading Set
  • Access to internationally recognized and accredited curriculum