master-toddyGrand Master Toddy ( Founder )

A trainer of 50 world champions, Grand Master Toddy has always been known to strive for te best. His efforts have spanned the globe and involved everything from training world class fighters In England and the US, to doing stunt work and choreography in Hollywood, to promoting and organizing major international fighting events in Thailand, to creating and appearing as head instructor on Television shows airing all around the world.

Some of the notable fighters who has trained with Grand Master Toddy through out the years are Gina Carano, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Alan Belcher, Kimbo Slice, Stephan Bonner, Kit Cope, Kevin Ross, Dorian Price, Duke Roufus, Ronnie Green, Edge Brown and Dale Hartt.

Grand Master Toddy has also certified many Head Muay Thai instructors from top Mix Martial Arts school all around the world.

KRU Jonathan Yu (Head Muay Thai Instructor)

One of Grand Master Toddy top protege. Kru Jon was chosen by Grand Master Toddy to teach in his Bangkok Gym and appear on the Tuff Girl Tv series which is going to be aired world wide in 2012. Kru Jon was one of the mentors and was there to help sharpen the fighters skills and technique with his pad work. He also has trained with many of the top fighters and trainers in Thailand. He flys back to Thailand twice a year to teach and also pick up and learn new techniques at Master Toddys Bangkok. He has rising through the ranks really quickly because of his innovative teaching style and his attention to detail. Kru Jon is also the head Muay Thai instructor at Joe Stevenson Cobra Kai and Master Toddy’s LA Anaheim.


KRU RYAN  (KIDS Muay Thai and Beginners Muay Thai instructor)

Kru Ryan has been with us since the beginning of Master Toddys in Pomona.  Hes is one of the top coaches in MTIA.

Joe “Daddy” Stevenson (MMA and BJJ Coordinator and Head Instructor)

Ultimate Fighter season 2 winner and ex UFC fighter Joe Stevenson.  He has experience teaching and coaching for 15 years.  Joe is also the fight coordinator for Direct TV new hit show Kingdom starring Nick Jonas.  He owns and operate Cobra Kai the #1 gym in the high desert.